How do I attach the flag to my flag pole?

Flags intended for outdoor and decorative use have what are called "grommets" - little rings at the far top and bottom corners on the left of a flag. Typically a flag will clip onto the pole via these rings.

Unless otherwise stated, all our flags have metal grommets for log lasting wear. So if the photo has no grommets or it does not state it the flag does come with two grommets on it.

Flags that are  intended for ceremonial purposes will have a pole hem. This is an extra vertical sleeve at the left side where a pole slides in and supports the flag. They do not also have grommets. Example of a pole hem Florida Flag.


You can see these grommets on our Made in USA American Flags.

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What Are Grommets and Why Are They Important?

Grommets are small, sturdy rings located at the upper and lower left corners of a flag. They play a vital role in attaching the flag securely to the pole, making them an essential feature for outdoor flags. At US Patriot Flags by Ultimate Flags LLC, we understand the importance of durability, which is why our flags feature metal grommets for enhanced longevity and resilience.

Metal Grommets: A Standard Feature We take pride in the quality of our flags. Unless specified otherwise, all our flags are equipped with metal grommets. This feature is a testament to our commitment to providing products that withstand the test of time. If the product photo lacks visible grommets or if the description does not mention them, rest assured, the flag will include two metal grommets.

Ceremonial Flags and Pole Hems

For those seeking flags for ceremonial purposes, we offer options with a pole hem. This additional vertical sleeve on the left side allows for seamless pole insertion, offering an alternative to grommets for a dignified display. An example of this design can be seen in our Florida Flag, perfect for official ceremonies.

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