Where are your flags made?

We are an American owned and operated company. When possible we seek to supply high quality American-made items. 

Many of our flags are made in the USA. They are clearly marked with the words "USA MADE" in their title. They tend to cost a little more. For customers who can afford the quality, these are great choices.

For our customers where price is a larger concern, we have made imported flag items available as lower cost alternatives. 

In fact, we would not be able to provide a number of the designs customers love if we did not get them (or some of their parts) from other places. 

With the flag items we import, we create jobs for Americans and bring money and success into this country.  

So while some of our other flag items are not made in the USA,  we urge you not to dismiss them completely.  To get them made took American ingenuity, business savvy and work ethic. Behind each one is an American who had an idea, made a plan,  took a risk, got it made and available for you now.

SOME flags are made in the USA, we display that on the title of the product. ALSO we have a whole section that has USA made right here View
Anything not marked as made in the USA is, sadly, most likely made in China. You do have a choice in buying.

Get the USA made flags for 5 bucks off with the code BIG5, unless you buy three then one of them is free.


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